Composición: La forma de un pensamiento (III), (I), (II)/ Composition: The shape of a thought (III), (I), (II)


Installation, fabric sculptures, burlap, thread

Ongoing series of hanging fabric sculptures. The number of pieces to build is figure by the space in which it will be installed. Related to Yali's background as a designer these fabric sculptures are free from the limitations of the human body. It approaches the body more like elements of change, transformation and possibility. Each piece has a touch of handmade and irregularity that is intriguing and provocative. Inspired by the handicraft techniques often associated as “women’s work” in response to the fact that women and women artists are not valued by society. Women's intelligence and intellectual capacity are still questioned. As a woman, immigrant and Latina Yali is facing those challenges and barriers. With this project she is examining the polarity between craft and conceptual art, on one hand, and on the other; to speak to the strength as well as the exploitation of female labor.

Composición II: La forma de un pensamiento/ Composition II: The shape of a thought

Fabric sculpture, burlap, thread

View from installation at Yali Romagoza solo exhibition “Todas las cosas que ella dice (All the things she says)”, Galería de la Biblioteca Pública Rubén Martínez Villena, Havana, Cuba, (May 4th-June 5th, 2017)

Composición: La Forma de un capricho/ Composition: The Shape of a Caprice


Fabric sculpture, linen, thread

View from installation at Fall Open Studios, NARS Foundation, NY, (October 13th, 14th), 2017