Title: Self-Portraits: Drawing my way out of a corner

Year: 2017

Medium: Drawing, collage. 

Materials: Bristol paper, permanent marker, color pencil, glue, magazine clippings.

9"x12" inches each.

An investigation into the observed self. A series of self-portraits in where Romagoza reflects about her femininity in response to society. She uses the language of fashion and pop culture as tools to express her individuality in relation to her identity. Exploring notions of oppression and marginality. With the series Romagoza approaches to ideas of beauty in where she exposes their artificiality and arbitrariness. A process of accepting the self and healing. An invitation for freedom and self-empowerment.

View from installation at the Fall Open Studios, NARS Foundation, New York, 2017.

View from installation at Yali Romagoza solo exhibition “Todas las cosas que ella dice (All the things she says)”, Galería de la Biblioteca Pública Rubén Martínez Villena, La Habana, 2017.