View from live performance with video projection in collaboration with artist Erica Mott as part of the exhibition “Art is not Easy: Temporary Lapses and Artistic Translation” at Links Hall Theater, Chicago, 2012.

Photo by Marilyn Volkman and Dan Paz

Title: In my world my body is my home

Year: 2012

Medium: Performance with Video projection, duration 16 min  

Materials: Body, conceptual garment, memories, objects.

Upon immigration to the United States Yali Romagoza began to explore notions of isolation and mechanisms of survival. In the performance she demonstrates the self-sufficiency of her conceptual garment. Pockets, lining the interiors of skirts and jackets, allow the wearer to carry objects and memories everywhere she goes. In Romagoza's world, the body is a home.

HD 16:9. Video, color, sound, 15:58 min

Performance for single channel video