Photo by Geandy Pavon 

Title: Meditating my way out of Capitalism and Communism. 12410 days of Isolation

Year: 2018

Medium: Public Action/Performance, duration 6 hours.

Materials: Alter-ego (Cuquita, The Cuban Doll), costume, sign.

A performance where I, as my alter ego Cuquita the Cuban Doll, meditate for 30 minutes in the form of a public action near each subway stop along 14th Street as part of the performance festival Art in Odd Places 2018 Body. 12410 days refers to my age through which I reflect on my past, and my present and I recognize how the systems in power oppress and marginalize the individual. Through the use of humor and absurdity, I intertwine the personal and the political through the feminist Lenz.

Performance video documentation.