View from live performance as part of the exhibition Identity. of What? at Teatro LATEA, New York, 2018.

Photo by Javier Caso

Title: Monument of the Great Living Artist

Year: 2018

Medium: Performance, duration 8 min.

Materials: body, conceptual garment, pedestal, text, music, spoken word.

Variable dimensions

Cuquita, the Cuban Doll, performs exaggerated modeling poses for the audience while we listen to fragments of the essay "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” by Linda Nochlin, and she dances to “Se Acabó” (It’s Over) by Afro-Cuban singer La Lupe. As Cuquita, Romagoza interacts with Nochlin's essay as a Cuban in the US seeking to rebuild a cultural home within the US art scene where she often doesn't feel included or represented. The project explores notions of identity, feminism and how to overturn stereotypes placed on Cubans by Western supremacy.

At the end of the performance, Cuquita exits leaving a paper on the pedestal that says:

“American Feminism as it stands is a white middle-class movement" (Ana Mendieta).

"The Choice is yours. Say it but with an accent" (Cuquita the Cuban Doll).