From the Series Normal Is Good (I like America and America likes me)2014-2016

Variables dimensions

Installation. 3 channel HD Video

View from installation at the exhibition "Yo he visto en la noche oscura (Una pelea cubana) / I have seen through dead of night (A cuban fight...). Carlos Garaicoa Open Studio 11.0, Madrid, Spain.  

Normal Is Good (I like America and America likes me) is a project that approaches to current circumstances in U.S society from Yali's experience living in U.S as an immigrant coming from Cuba. It is inspired by Joseph Beuys’s performance piece "I Like America and America likes me" which it has influenced the artist to explore notions of self-insulation and social alienation. The project began with Yali's involvement in the city of New York where she has lived since 2011 and Chicago where she attended to graduate school 2013-2015. It includes interviews to people born and raised in the United States from various racial backgrounds and social groups. They give their opinions about society in relation to education system, racism, art practice and US politics.. The project combines video-performances, costumes, installation, and one documentary. 

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24:46 min

HD 16: 9 format video, color, sound

The film is the final stage of the project. It blends documentary, performance and costume. The visual language of the film is characterized by elements of humor and absurdity that playfully and subversively invert expectations. With the project Yali  positions herself within a society that is still very foreign to her and she doesn't fully understand (US).

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