Self-Experience of Freedom and Unfreedom

I am not this or that.

I am nothing you ever tasted.

This is an intellectual experience but not

erotic (Although it can be).

We are outsiders from the inside; people

want to talk about the obvious. They are

inside the system and can’t break away

from it. They think, but they don’t act.

Another world is possible.

But I'm another world.

Am I possible?

Oh, little poor immigrant girl,

you thought this world belongs to all of us.

Jesús didn't come to our party

or Buda or Allah or Venus.

I find myself surrounded by thorns.

Also, I bleed every month.

I don’t want to be in the kitchen.

I don’t want to be a mother.

How much pain can a body take?

A soul is in pain.

A soul is in disorder.

The fault of all my problems is Fidel Castro. The man that thought he was God. That’s all the system left us false promises of revolutionary idealism, propagated by blatant disrespect, the cruelty of a government that took advantage of us all. History won’t absolve you; history will condemn you.

Goodbye Utopía.

The internal exile of Dulce María.

Capitalism thrives on Anxiety and the belief that there is always something missing.

Goodbye Freedom.

My breasts hurt. Don’t touch me. My body is mine; you are not welcome. There is not God. Just I.

Píntate los labios María.


Rape. Rage. Rejection.

Guilt. Shame. Isolation.


I like your accent.

I like America and America likes me.

I have died and reborn many times in a lifetime.

I have been everywhere and understood in all languages.

The time that doesn’t exist.

In a world where the illusion of success is everything.

Honesty is subversive. Everything that’s true is beautiful.

My body is my home. My body is a nation.

Under no isms.

(Writing by Yali Romagoza. Printed in orange paper and mounted in white frame as part of the installation Self-Experience of Freedom and Unfreedom at Yali Romagoza's solo exhibition also titled Self-Experience of Freedom and Unfreedom, Pique Gallery, KY, 2018)

Photo by Yali Romagoza


Title: Self-Experience of Freedom and Unfreedom (Installation)

Year: 2018

Medium: Installation

Materials: Conceptual garments (Vagina Pocket Trouser, Boobs Pocket Shirt), memories, writing, paper, planet globe earth world balloon).

The piece is a conceptual garment installation that explores notions of feminism, identity, and migration along with writing based on personal experiences, memories and feelings. Romagoza transforms her inner emotional and psychological world into art that is both intimate and yet profoundly universal.