From the Series "The Emancipation of Cuquita the Cuban Doll (The Interview), 2019 | Live Performance and 3 Photo print on Aluminum, Variable Dimensions. Performance Duration 10:36 min

View from Performance at LivingAway+AwayofLeaving Festival. Brooklyn, 2019

Photo Courtesy of the Artist

The Emancipation of Cuquita, the Cuban Doll, is a project that combines live performances and performances for photos. The Interview is the first live performance of the series inspired by the U.S. Citizenship interview and Test as part of the process, Romagoza went through to become a US citizen. As her alter-ego Cuquita the Cuban Doll, she performs the roles of the interviewer and interviewee. Through self detachment, Romagoza reflects on her experience as an immigrant in the US about identity and loss.