View from exhibition The Syncope at Bronx River Art Center (BRAC), Bronx, 2019

Photo courtesy of the artist

Title: The Mistress of Loneliness (Chapter 1 :The Departure)

Year: 2019-ongoing

Medium: Custom-made suitcase with video

Dimensions: 311/2” x 29”x 6.9 “inches

The Mistress of Loneliness is a multidisciplinary installation of videos presented in suitcases combining performance and conceptual costumes. The project explores notions of isolation and mechanisms of survival. It’s based on Romagoza’s experience growing up in Cuba and as a recent immigrant to the US. The Mistress of Loneliness (Chapter 1: The Departure) focuses on Romagoza’s memories of Cuba performing as her alter-ego Cuquita The Cuban Doll. In her world, the body is a nation.