Photos courtesy of Marilyn Volkman and Dan Paz 

In my world my body is my home2012

performance, garment, textiles, memories, personal objects, video projection

Upon immigration to the United States Yali began exploring notions of isolation and the mechanisms of survival. She creates singular articles of clothing that present multiple options. In this performance Yali demonstrate the self-sufficiency of her clothing. Pockets, lining the interiors of skirts and jackets allow the wearer to carry objects and memories everywhere one goes. In Yali's world the body is a home.

Live performance in collaboration with artist Erica Mott as part of the project Art is not easy: Temporary Lapses and Artistic Translation at Links Hall Theater, Chicago, US

Curated by: Marilyn Volkman and Dan Paz




Sights & Sounds && Version 3.0,  Dance Hall, Fire Hall, Calgary, Canada


Threshold One, Garcia Squared Contemporary, Kansas, US


Art is not easy: Temporary Lapses and Artistic Translation, Links Hall Theater, Chicago, US


Visual&Dance, Incub8, Miami, US  

10th Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, England