View from installation at the exhibition "Yo he visto en la noche oscura (Una pelea cubana) / I have seen through dead of night (A cuban fight...). Carlos Garaicoa Open Studio 11.0, Madrid, 2016.

Photo by Carlos Garaicoa Studio

Title: Normal Is Good: I like America and America likes me (Installation)

Year: 2016

Medium: Installation. 3 channel HD Video

Variables dimensions

The three-channel video installation explores social, political and economic issues in the US through performance-based videos and interviews. With the project Romagoza began to delve into her past in Cuba and her present in -Cuba and US- and the contradictions they imply.

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Title: Normal Is Good: I like America and America likes me (Video)

Year: 2015

HD 16:9. Video, color, sound, 19:27 min

This hybrid project explores narrative storytelling across genres and mediums investigating migration from a personal perspective. 

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2018 Light Year 40: Sine Gallery, Sine Gallery and Light Year, public video projection on Manhattan Bridge, New York (Upcoming)

2016 Sights & Sounds && Version 3.0Dance Hall, Fire Hall, Calgary

2016 Sometimes Art Space, La Habana

2016 Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, La Habana

2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, White Box, New York

2015 Hyde Park Free Theater, Chicago

2016 FVNMAS Festival, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago